Updated Canvas Integration

So we’ve recently updated our Canvas Integration Capability at QuickSchools, which we thought we’d share here, for those who are using (or want/hope to use) this module available on our QuickSchools App Store.

QuickSchools Canvas Integration App
Integrate the Grades from Canvas into the QuickSchools Gradebook

Canvas is only ONE of the many Learning Management Systems (LMS) that we integrate to. And the primary goal of this integration is to easily transfer grades from the LMS Gradebook into the QuickSchools Gradebook, for purposes of creating report cards and transcripts.

Here’s a list of recent improvements to the Canvas Integration module in particular:

  • Dropdowns have been updated to our new UI, which means you can more easily search the fields while mapping.
  • You can select which academic term to be “Active”, and only the “Active” term will be synchronized.
  • Gradebook Synchronizations can now be scheduled to run nightly (or as frequently as you want)
  • Synchronization History shows the status of each synchronization attempt, along with a log file of successfully synchronized subjects/courses.

Details of each improvement are described below:


Active Term

When mapping academic terms / semesters between QuickSchools and Canvas, you can now select an “Active” term:


When synchronizing the Gradebooks between the 2 systems, QuickSchools will only grab grades for the Active term selected.

Scheduled Synchronization

You can now schedule your synchronizations in advanced. Just click “Schedule Synchronization”:

Schedule Gradebook Synchronization with Canvas from QuickSchools

This new feature also allows you to run the synchronizations daily as well, so you don’t have to keep synchronizing the data manually each time.

Synchronization History

With the new Scheduled Synchronization feature, you can now view all completed attempts to synchronize. Just click on the “Synchronization history” link:


Successful synchronizations will contain a log file that can help you review courses/subjects that have been successfully synchronized. If you do see Failed attempts, you can report the error id to our support staff, and we’ll investigate and resolve the issue for you.

In summary, these new improvements should help with the overall usability and performance of QuickSchools integration (and synchronization of grades) with an external Learning Management System like Canvas. If you’re using a different LMS and would like QuickSchools to update the UI for the integration app module that you’re using, please let us know via chat or email, so that we can prioritize the request accordingly.

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