New Release – Nov 22, 2021

This release primarily focuses on framework improvements for our Alpha and Beta features. This includes our Learning Management System (LMS), our Dashboard capability, and Audit Trail. We will be making more framework and system improvements towards the end of the calendar year.

New “Next Course” Scheduling Algorithm which will schedule students into sections based on the previous enrollment period / semester

We’ve also taken this opportunity to improve the Orchestra Master Scheduler, and include a few miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools upgrades:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support remove Caseload during Import
  • Fix Teacher Caseload when copying to a new Enrollment Period in Step 1
  • Improve Save Point functionality for large schools
  • Refresh screen after Restore Save Point
  • Fix table misalignment in Step 4
  • New “Next Course” algorithm in Step 5
  • Fix loading sections in Step 5 for large schools

LMS Framework Improvements (Alpha)

  • My Workspace Chat
  • Online Testing

School Dashboard (Beta)

  • New KPI Widget
  • Auto-load Dashboard Screen
  • Miscellaneous Dashboard improvements

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Support Synchronize to Canvas based on start/end dates for active term
  • Improve performance for Google Classroom Integration
  • Improve Support Pre-Enrollment in API Resource for Zapier
  • Rename “Reference Number” to “Access Code” in Online Forms
  • New reportable fields for Health App in Report Creator
  • General Improvements to the Students screen
  • Improve client-side logging

Other Private Beta Improvements

  • Audit Trail Improvements
  • Filter Transcripts by Grade Level

School Dashboard

We started developing the School Dashboard a couple of years ago. This dashboard is based on the Report Creator framework. However, this initiative never really got off the ground due to competing priorities. We’re currently restarting this initiative by introducing a few minor improvements. 

You can now specify ONE of your Dashboards as the primary dashboard, so that when user access the “Dashboard Home” menu, the primary dashboard will load up automatically:

Sample Dashboard that will auto-load when accessing “Dashboard Home”

Only ONE dashboard can be set as the primary dashboard. Closing the Dashboard will return you back to the list of dashboards.

We’re introducing a new widget called “KPI” which simply displays a number for the specified criteria:

New “KPI” widget displays values for reported indicators

The School Dashboard feature is still in private beta, and we hope to refine and release a stable version for our schools soon. Thanks!

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