New Release – Sept 7, 2020

We have quite a few improvements this time around, in addition to our continued focus on Online Learning. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

LMS: New Assignments module (Beta)

  • List all students for an Assignments, regardless of whether student has started the assignment
  • Hide Unpublished Assignments from Student Portal
  • Introduce Date / Time to Publish an Assignment
  • Highlight Assignments submitted after Due Date as “Past Due”
  • Improve behaviour for “On Paper” and “No Submission” assignments
  • General Bug Fixes to the Assignments listing

LMS: Live Streaming App Improvements (Beta)

  • Support multiple Zoom Accounts for concurrent meetings (one account per teacher)
  • Auto-update meeting list when meeting is about to start
  • Display warning if Zoom Account is not yet set up
The Live Stream App now support Zoom Accounts for every teacher
The Live Stream App now support Zoom Accounts for every teacher

LMS: General Online Learning Improvements

  • New Student Message Board
  • New Calendar View for Assignments and Live Stream Meetings
  • Improve visibility of “View Complete Record” on Student and Parent Portals
  • Ability to Edit a posted Class Discussion
  • Fix Email Notification for Class Discussions

Google Classroom Integration Improvements

  • Option to skip ungraded assignments
  • Option to exclude archived courses
  • Archived courses are clearly indicated when mapping subjects
  • Fix assignments that are synchronized from OUTSIDE the academic semester date range (Partial Fix)

Report Creator

  • Support Read-Only Access to Report Creator
  • Fix Report Creator filter for Outstanding Amount from Fee Tracking
  • Support reporting for Published/Hidden Gradebook Columns

Other Bug Fixes / Improvement

  • SSO support for SAML (Private Beta)
  • Scheduled Standard Charges (Private Beta)
  • Upgrade Real-Time Sync Framework (Firebase)
  • New option in Simplified Scheduler to Allow Conflicts (without pinning)
  • Improve security for Password Reset
  • Support download Schedule PDF by Grade and by Teacher
  • Support relabel “Principal”
  • Option to delete Bank Account if Credit Card is provided
  • Option to Sort Gradebook by NickName
  • Automatically trim Parent first and last names during Import
  • Tooltip in Online Forms module to explain Fees
  • Bug fix auto-generated Advanced Embedded Form for Admissions Application
  • Bug fix for email history attachments
  • Bug fix when auto-allocating Payments in bulk
  • Bug fix when auto-allocating transaction fees for Online Payments
  • Bug fix when allocating transaction fee when refunding Online Payments
  • Bug fix when selecting semester in Attendance Calendar
  • Bug fix when updating Semester Start Date when taking attendance during trial

Scheduling Standard Charges

This is a new feature in Private Beta. With this feature enabled, you will see a new button called “View/Edit Scheduled Standard Charges” next to the “Add Standard Charge” button:

Scheduling Standard Charges

This feature works just like the Scheduled Emails for the Report Creator. Use the “Schedule Standard Charge” button to schedule a new standard charge to run any date in the future. Existing and completed runs will also appear here:

quickschools Scheduling Standard Charges

When scheduling a Standard Charge, simply select a Standard Charge as well as when to run it:

guide on how to setup quickschools Scheduling Standard Charges

Standard charges rely on the following fields:

how to set up student charges with quickschools

Please note the following behaviour for this current iteration of this improvement:

  • The Standard Charge will use the scheduled date as the Charge Date. The Due Date will be left empty.
  • The standard charge will use the latest Students and Customizations. This means that if you make any changes to the “Select Students” or the “Preview & Customize” sections AFTER the Standard Charge was scheduled, these changes will take effect when the Standard Charge is run next.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please let us know via chat or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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