Lunch Ordering App

QuickSchools is proud to announce our new Lunch Ordering app, now available in our App Store. Parents can now easily order student lunches online via the Parent Portal.

Administrators for the app will have full flexibility in setting up meal items, meal prices, along with a daily menu. Parents and students can then select items available from the menu for any given day. The screenshot below shows how Lunch Ordering looks like in Parent Portal:

Lunch Ordering integrates with
Fee Tracking for streamlined charging of students. So parents can view charges for their lunch orders via Fee Tracking, and they can also make payments through this module.

For more info about Lunch Ordering, please see our support article here.

We’d love to hear from you. Please chat with us if you have questions!


11 thoughts on “Lunch Ordering App

  1. Are teachers/admin allowed to order for the student?
    What does the order report look like?
    What flexibility does the meal items/prices have…can it be used for charging for t-shirts, yearbooks, field trips, etc?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Great questions! Actually, the Lunch Ordering App was designed specifically for lunches to be ordered by parents via the Parent Portal. The workflow for the app is such that you (the admin) would configure meals on a daily basis, and you would fulfill and charge those meals on a daily basis as well.

      If you’re looking for flexibility in allowing parents to make purchases online (via the Parent Portal), then I would recommend the Online Forms module. You can create a form for virtually anything (like ordering T-Shirts, or concert tickets), and we do support integration to either our Fee Tracking module, or directly to Stripe for Online Payment. You could also have an admin submit a form on behalf of a parent/student.

      Feel free to contact our support team to discuss further. We’d be happy to show you more.


      – Azroy Kandan

      • Hello Azroy,

        Thanks for the reply. That won’t work for us since teachers would need to be able to order, in the morning for students. I’ve seen this similar type of system before, however by not having this flexibility to order the morning of (for parents who did not order the evening before (or whenever), I don’t know how it could be complete. That may just be our problem. I would see this as being a great way to order lunch…but why not other things as well?

        Anyway, thank you for the response. I appreciate it.

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