New QuickSchools AppStore

The new QuickSchools AppStore is now available to school administrators. Your top menu should now look like the following:

New Consolidated Menu for App Store
New Consolidated Menu for App Store

Notice that we’ve combined some of the menus into a pop-up style interface:

  • The old “School Settings”, “Features” and “My Profile” links now reside under the main “Settings” link.
  • There is a new “App Store” link for sub-menus for “App Store” and “My Apps”.
  •  Finally, the “Account” link now has sub-menus for both “Account” and “Billing History”.

App Store

The App Store menu now shows a list of apps available for installation onto your account:

List of Apps
List of Apps

When you move your mouse over an App icon, a summary about the App will appear. You can then click on the icon to view the App Profile:

App Profile on QuickSchools
App Profile on QuickSchools

While some Apps are free, others may incur a monthly subscription cost or a one-time installation fee. Trial periods may also vary, so please be sure to check the cost of the app before installing it.

My Apps

Once you’ve installed/purchased an app, it will appear under the “My Apps” menu:

Installed Apps on your QuickSchools Account
Installed Apps on your QuickSchools Account

From here, you can move your mouse over an App icon to view additional options:

  • Click on “Configure” to change the privileges for the app.
  • Click on “Uninstall” to remove the App completely.
  • Click on the “RATE IT!” link, to leave comments about the App. Let others know what you think about the app.
  • You can also click anywhere else on the icon. This will bring you back to the App Profile page described previously.
Rate you App Experience on QuickSchools
Rate you App Experience on QuickSchools

New Apps

New Apps are constantly being developed. Please let us know if there’s a particular app that you’d like to see. We will be showcasing some of these new apps, and what they do, on our blog. So keep a look out.

Custom Apps

If you’re looking for a custom app that is unique to your school, or for an app that is not yet available, you can actually commission our team to build it for you. We charge a flat hourly rate for app development. Please contact our technical staff if you’re interested, and we can quote you a price based on your requirements.

With our new App Store in place, we’re very excited about the new modules that we will be able to provide in the future. We look forward to your feedback.

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