Alternative Methods for Subscription Payments

Due to the nature of the QuickSchools subscription model, we prefer payments to be made automatically via credit card. QuickSchools will invoice schools monthly based on the number of active students in the account (plus any additional Apps). But for schools that do not have a credit card, we do offer alternate means of payment. For these options, you will need to contact QuickSchools support to set things up:

Payment via Bank Account (ACH)

We can currently accept direct ACH payment from US banks (although we are looking to support additional countries soon). If you have not subscribed, you will need to contact QuickSchools to have this feature turned on. However, if you’ve already subscribed, you can just go to your “Account” page, and switch to ACH payments by setting up a Bank Account for subscription payments.

More info here:

Payment via Pay Pal

We also accept payment via PayPal. Please contact our support team so that we know to associate your payment with the appropriate account in QuickSchools.

Payment via Check

We can currently accept checks from US banks. However, checks will need to be mailed directly to our bank in Georgia (US), with our Account and Routing numbers written on the check (so that the bank can auto-deposit the check into our account).

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 6.25.22 PM.png

If you wish to send us a check, please let our support team know. We’ll enable a screen so that you can let us know of any checks that you are sending to us. This is so that your service does not get disrupted, in the event the check takes a long time to clear.

Payment via Telegraphic / Wire Transfer

Finally, for schools outside the US that are unable to pay via credit card, you can also wire transfer your subscription payment directly to QuickSchools. Please contact QuickSchools support for info on how to make payments.

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