New Release: Sprint E1

Our first sprint of the year has been released. Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Simplified Scheduler
    • Performance Improvement
  • Master Scheduler (Beta) Improvements
    • Improved Alternate Bell Schedule Support (see below)
  • Lunch Ordering App (see below)
    • Display total by status for the month
    • Show orders as Unsubmitted / Pending
    • Fix for pages loading blank
  • Online Forms App
    • Improved SVG Support (for Cross-Browser Compatibility)
    • Filter for Mapped / Unmapped Fields (see below)
  • Parent Messaging Auto-Recharge (Beta) (see below)
  • Getting Started Page
    • Warnings for upgrading plan
  • Miscellaneous Fixes and Bug Fixes
    • Gradebook PDF supports Nickname (Beta)
    • Remove spaces when importing students emails
    • Warning when creating Standards with duplicate ID (Standard-Based Grading)
    • Improved support for Chinese characters in Report Card PDF
    • Sign-In / Sign-Out App tabs renamed
    • Attendance Importer Time Zone Bug Fix
    • Admissions Embedded Form Dropdown Fields Bug Fix
    • Library Members Dropdown bug fix

Master Scheduler Alternate Bell Schedule

The Alternate Bell Schedule in our Master Scheduler module now supports deactivation and sorting or periods based on the primary Bell Schedule:

Altername Bell Schedule in Master Scheduler
Altername Bell Schedule in Master Scheduler

Once the Alternate Bell Schedule is configured, the corresponding PDF that is generated for each student is also updated.

Lunch Order App Improvements

The Lunch Ordering screen for parents have been improved. You should no longer see blank screens. And, we now display totals along the top:

Lunch Ordering screen for Parents
Lunch Ordering screen for Parents

We’ll continue to tweak this screen, to make the information clearer and more meaningful for parents. Please feel free to share your comments.

Online Form Improvements

In additional to better SVG support for cross browser compatibility, we’ve also added a new filter to the Online Forms module, so you can easily view which fields have been mapped when a student record is enrolled:

Filter Mapped and Unmapped Fields in Online Forms app

Paid Messaging Auto-Recharge (Beta)

We have a new feature that we’re testing, that will allow schools to auto-recharge their Paid Messaging credit, when credit reaches below US$5:

Auto-Recharge Paid Messaging
Auto-Recharge Paid Messaging

Please let us know if you’re interested in trying out this feature.

FYI, our next Sprint E2 will be 4 weeks long, and will be deployed on the week of Feb 18.

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