QuickSchools Gradebook

The QuickSchools Gradebook is one of our core modules and we spend a lot of time making sure teachers have the best possible experience when working with it. We’ve been taking teachers’ feedback and have made a lot of improvements over time.

We’ve organized different articles, and tailored them for admins and teachers. Please see the list of articles below.

Gradebook Setup for Admin

Administrators can easily and conveniently configure Gradebook Settings for the entire school via the Grading Setup menu. These settings will be reflected in every teacher’s Gradebook. Check out the article here: Gradebook Setup For Admins

Gradebook Setup for Teachers

Teachers can set up their own grading scales and categories if permitted by the school admin. Otherwise, they have to use what the admins have centrally set up for the school. But teachers can configure other Gradebook settings based on their preference. Learn more from the article: Gradebook Setup for Teachers

Gradebook Basics – How to use the Gradebook

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Advanced Gradebook Features

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Teacher Portal

School is back! We wanted to make sure teachers are all set as you start the new school year. If you have new teachers going onboard, this article would be very helpful. For existing teachers, this is a good refresher!

Teachers need to effectively use Quickschools. So we are hoping teachers can maximize using the system to make their tasks simpler and to promote streamlined communication and collaboration with parents and students.

Our Teacher Portal video tutorial shows you how to get started with Quickschools and what are the things you can do using different modules (e.g. Gradebook, Attendance, Report Cards, Homework, etc.).

Aside from video tutorial, we also have a Getting Started article that you can read through: Getting Started As A Teacher

As you get the hang of using our system, we’d like to introduce how you can engage parents to help them track their student’s progress, or better yet, involve them in their student’s progress in school: Engaging Parents

And of course we are here for you if you have any question. Looking forward to hear from you, please chat with us!

Engaging Parents (for Teachers)

There are various modules and features within QuickSchools that allow teachers to share information with parents who have access to the Parent Portal. Here we discuss a few of those features:


In additional to sharing all gradebook information with parents, teachers can also add public comments on individual assignments, that will then be shared with parents.

QuickSchools Gradebook
QuickSchools Gradebook

Class Discussions

Class Discussions allow teachers to interact with parents (and students) for a specific class via a chat-like timeline, including sharing pictures and files. There are various scenarios that can take advantage of this feature. You can even use it to send emails to parents (instead of using the Parent Messaging feature).

Class Discussions Emails
Class Discussions Emails

Private Messaging

If the Teacher Directory is enable for the Parent Portal, teachers can communicate one-to-one with parents, without ever having to leave the Teacher Portal. All communications can be kept centralized in one place. Private Messages include email notifications, so you don’t have to be logged in to receive messages. In some cases, Private Messaging is a great alternative to Mass Parent Messaging.Read More »

Announcing the New Support Site!

For many years, this blog has functioned as our living and breathing support documentation site- with each new feature we roll out, we’ve always done a blog post with a quick tutorial on how to configure things and get started. However, because of our constant development and improvements, at times valuable information gets buried in the stacks. Not ideal.

To help solve this, we built a new solution  – a comprehensive, consolidated site designed to do one thing only: make it easy to find and access information about everything QuickSchools & Apps.

So, without further ado,  we’re unveiling the new Support Site….


Go check it out! In addition, you can find a link to it located in your account:

Support Site

Now, here are some tips on using this new platform …

Read More »

New Self-Paced Gradebook

We’ve introduced a new way for entering grades into your Gradebook on QuickSchools. This new style of data entry is by student instead of by subject, and should prove useful for schools that provide self-paced learning for students that are on a similar curriculum. It should also help one-on-one tutoring programs where multiple students undergo the same lessons, but at different times. We’re calling it the new Self-Paced Gradebook.

Here’s what the new screen looks like:

Self-Paced Gradebook
Self-Paced Gradebook

You can now maintain a single Gradebook for all your students undergoing the same curriculum in the same subject/course. After completing a lesson with a student, instead of selecting the subject you teach, you can now instead select the student, and update the grades accordingly. You can also maintain a different set of gradebook dates that is specific to the student. Everything else works pretty much the same.

To turn on the Self-Paced Gradebook, you’ll need to access the “Features” page and click on “Configure” next to the “Report Cards / Gradebook” Module. The Configuration pop-up now has an option to enable the Self-Paced Gradebook:Read More »