Announcing the New Support Site!

For many years, this blog has functioned as our living and breathing support documentation site- with each new feature we roll out, we’ve always done a blog post with a quick tutorial on how to configure things and get started. However, because of our constant development and improvements, at times valuable information gets buried in the stacks. Not ideal.

To help solve this, we built a new solution  – a comprehensive, consolidated site designed to do one thing only: make it easy to find and access information about everything QuickSchools & Apps.

So, without further ado,  we’re unveiling the new Support Site….

Go check it out! In addition, you can find a link to it located in your account:

Support Site

Now, here are some tips on using this new platform …

Click a Category

When you first get to the site, you’ll see three big buttons Apps, Public Schools, and Private Schools. Click into one of these categories and you’ll get a page of all the articles that relate to this category most. That said, there’s plenty of overlap between Public and Private schools, etc., so feel free to look around more if you don’t see what you want just yet.


Or, use the search! It’s super powerful and will return all matches to your query regardless of category, and based on whether your search is included in the article or the tag for an article. If you’re having trouble finding something (or are short on time in general), search is the way to go.

You can also do nifty things like include a minus (“-“) before a search term to find articles where something is not included. For example: “admin -public” will find articles tagged or including the word “admin” without articles tagged or including the word “public”.

Promoted Articles

The promoted articles section serves as our “highlight reel” of FAQs. If you’re looking for some core information on commonly requested topics, check it out on the home page

Give Feedback on Articles

Like what you read? Give it a thumbs up at the bottom of the article. Maybe not a fan? Give the article a thumbs down so we know to come back and improve it for you.

Chat & Email Support

Chat is available at the footer of all pages. Come ask questions! Or, you can use the “Email Support” link at the top of the screen to submit a less time-sensitive issue.


Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂

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