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Subject-Based Messaging via Class Discussions

September 30, 2013

The Class Discussions module in QuickSchools is becoming more and more central in the delivery of content to students, while keeping parents informed. Remember, you can use the Class Discussions module to share pictures, comments and files via the Parent Portal and the Student Portal.

To help improve on this mode of communication, teachers can now send an email notification to students and parents when posting a new message to the Class Discussions module.

Class Discussions Emails

Class Discussions Emails

The entire post will be viewable on the email, similar to email notifications in the Private Messaging module. Users can then log onto their respective portals to view the entire thread and interact as appropriate.  By using the Class Discussions module (instead of the Mass Messaging module), all participants get to keep a record of previous messages and interactions in the class.

Please let us know of other improvements we can make to the Class Discussions module to make it more useful and effective for class.

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