Ways to Use Class Discussions

As you may know, Class Discussions was one of the awesome new features we rolled out over this summer. It’s a great platform that allows teachers, students, and parents to discuss topics related to a class in a controlled and safe environment.

To turn on Class Discussions on QuickSchools, Admins go into the Settings → Turn Features On/Off menus. The Class Discussions module is connected to the Homework module, so they are turned on together:

To enable teachers to post updates to their own classes, as well as configure who can post for to others’ classes, head over to the configure menu. Now, as to a few ways to use it…


Because Parents, Students, and Teachers connected to a specific class all see the Class Discussions, the module is a great way to get the word out about specific events related to your class. It’s especially well-suited to class-related announcements since your posts can be emailed to students and parents when they are posted.


Because so much communication is done online now, blogging is one of those useful skills that many teachers want to encourage their students to develop. Because all QuickSchools data (including Class Discussions) is completely private and secure, student work is entirely safe while they practice their skills at writing for an online audience. For example, students could be encourage to rotate at writing a blog post for each week.


Before students make presentations in class, they could post their slideshow or other materials to the Class Discussions module, so their classmates can preview what they are going to discuss. Classmates can bring their questions to the presentation, everyone could discuss questions online afterward, or even, the presentation could be entirely online, held as a forum hosted by a student expert!

General Discussions

Asynchronous, online conversations is a tool for encouraging students to think about what they are learning in school when they are away from school. Perhaps posting in a Class Discussion could be part of a day’s homework assignment or simply used a way to stay connected if students are frequently out of the main classroom.

Class Discussions is a great platform for discussing topics covered in class on one day to reinforce the lesson and share it with families, and its many capabilities make it well suited as a way for teachers and students to post blogs, presentations, or announcements.

Hope these ideas can get Class Discussions rolling at school! Of course, if you have any questions or need any help along the way, please do not hesitate to let us know! Feel free to chat in anytime!

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