Google Drive Integration (Beta)

We have a new app in Private Beta that was released earlier this month. The Google Drive Integration app allows schools to backup files in QuickSchools by copying them to Google Drive:

New Google Drive Integration App (Private Beta)

Since this app is in Private Beta, you’ll need to request access from our support team. Once beta access is granted, the app will appear under your “App Store” > “My Apps” menu. Click on “Configure” to configure access to the app:

Mouse over an App to see the “Configure” button in QuickSchools

The app will appear under the “Backups” > “Google Drive Integration” menu. The first thing you’ll need is to create an API Key to access your Google Drive account (similar to the Integration with Google Classroom). You would key this in at the bottom of the screen:

Configure the API Credentials to connect to Google

Full steps are documented here:

Once the app is connected, you’ll have the ability to “Create File Back-Up”:

Create/ Review File Back-Ups to Google Drive

Right now, this app only supports Documents for students, but in the future, we’ll support other modules too:

Specify QuickSchools module to back up, as well as location of back-up in Google Drive


The current integration does not overwrite any existing files. So if you back-up the same file again, you’ll end up with 2 copies of the same file. For this reason, we recommend that you always specify a new folder when creating a new back-up, and then remove/delete the previous back-up folder in Google Classroom.

Private Beta: This app is currently provided as-is at no cost, but for a limited time (as we collect feedback from users). Once the app is finalized, a subscription price may be incurred.

If you’re interested in trying out this app, please contact our support personnel. Detailed instructions / user manuals will be available soon.

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