Communicating with Students

With 2021 now in full swing, it’s important to understand how teachers can utilize QuickSchools to communicate and engage with students effectively. Here we highlight a few sample scenarios, how teachers can communicate with students.

  • Group Discussion
  • Discussing Assignments
  • Private Messaging
  • Announcements

Group Discussion

The “Class Discussion” feature (part of the “Homework” and “Assignments” modules) is a great way to discuss topics online. Only students enrolled into the class are able to post messages for any given subject:

Post Messages to Students via Class Discussions

As a teacher, you can also post a new discussion thread to multiple subjects at the same time using the “Also post to subjects” box. Simply select one or more subjects from the dropdown:

Post Class Discussions to multiple subjects at once

Note: When posting a new discussion thread, teachers have the option to send out an email notification. And when users comment on existing threads, the original user are notified:

Notifications for Class Discussions

Discussing Assignments

On the new Assignments module, after a student submits an assignment, the student and teacher can chat online to discuss that particular assignment:

Discuss Assignments with Students

Similar to Class Discussion, when a user comments on an existing thread, the system notifies the original user.

Private Conversations

If enabled, the Private Messaging feature allows all portal users to chat online in QuickSchools. The Private Messaging feature also sends out email notifications.

Private Messaging with Students

One of the benefits of using this feature is that teachers don’t need to expose their email address to students, in the event teachers are using their personal email to access QuickSchools.


Finally, when it comes to broadcasting announcements, although this feature is traditionally for school administrators, teachers can also be allowed to send messages via email, text and voice, via the Messaging Module:

Broadcast messages to Student via Text Message

Simply select the appropriate subjects, and all students enrolled in the subject will receive the message, be it an email, text and voice message.

These are the main methods of interaction between students and teachers via the QuickSchools portals. If you have suggestions for improvement, please do let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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