Keep Track Of Student’s Assignments With QuickSchools’ Homework Feature

We at QuickSchools understand that keeping track of your students’ assignments can be a troublesome chore, especially when you’re handling more than one class.

But fret not, because our Homework feature was specifically designed to ease this process whilst ensuring that neither you or your students will ever lose track of ongoing assignments!

Similar to our other features and products, the Homework feature is easy-to-use and organized according to the classes and subjects you teach:

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To share your assignments and notes with your students, click on the “Add/Edit Notes” link and upload away:

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Blog 1 - Homework (2)

Before you click on the “Add” button,

Be sure to type out your assignment in the description box, set the assigned and due dates and attach any relevant files:

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But just in case your missed out any files or notes in the first round of uploads, fear not as you can simply click on “Attach Files”:

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You can also click on “Delete Files” to remove any irrelevant files and notes:

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Blog 1 - Homework (6)

Well there you have it! Your assignments listed in an organized manner thanks to QuickSchools’ Homework feature.

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And should you have any questions or feedback concerning this feature, feel free to chat with us.

We would love to hear from you!

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