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At QuickSchools, we try really hard to be a one-stop shop when it comes to school management, with no hidden fees. Many of our schools are able to sign up for a trial, subscribe, and then use the software month-over-month completely on their own, sometimes even without using our awesome Live Chat support. Our software is pretty easy-to-use for many small schools.

But there are always schools that want to go the extra mile, and go beyond the existing off-the-shelf functionality and self-service customizations that are built into the software. And for those types of schools, we do offer several options for additional customizations and value-added services like online training and rollout support, as well as data migration services.

Here are some examples of items / functions that work off-the-shelf, but can also be customized for an additional fee:

Report Cards

We have more than a dozen of templates that are completely customizable. You can rename fields, hide sections, and even change the colors. But if you absolutely need to build a report card template completely from scratch, we can do that too. Learn more here:

Customizing your Report Cards

create different report card designs with QuickSchools templates

Select from a variety or Report Card Templates


Our Transcripts module works just like our Report Cards, with many readily available templates that can be configured by an administrator. But if needed, we can build brand new custom templates for your transcripts as well.

System-Generated PDF Files

QuickSchools is able to generate printable PDF files of a wide variety of documents, including the Student ProfileStudent Gradebook, and Financial Documents (like Statements, Invoices and Receipts). These documents can be customized for individual schools.

Printed PDF Gradebook with Comments

Printed PDF Gradebook with Comments

Online Forms

Our Online Forms module supports fillable PDF forms that gives you more flexibility in managing form elements and layout. If you don’t have the tool to build one or you don’t know how to build one, yet you prefer PDF online forms, we can build them for you.

Custom Calculations

Our Report Cards and Transcripts can be configured to display GPA, CGPA and Weighted CGPA based on points and credits. If you need custom calculations, that is also possible, not only in the Report Cards and Transcripts, but also in our Tabular Reports too. We can also custom calculate and apply charges to a student when an applicant is enrolled from the Admissions module.

Tabular (Excel-Style) Report

Quickschools comes with dozens of built-in tabular (Excel-Style) reports. Each module comes with its own set. The reports themselves have pre-set columns, but you can filter the data set as needed. You can also export the data into an Excel file for data manipulation on your own computer. If you a custom report built, we can do that for you too.

Listing of Custom Reports

Listing of Custom Reports

Data Migration Services

We now support uploading of teachers, students, and even gradebook data from Excel into QuickSchools. And if you want to migrate historical data (like Attendance, Grades, Fees, Disciplinary Incidents, etc) for previous years, from either Excel or from an external (competitor) system, we can do that for you too. Check out this article for more info:

Data Migration Services in QuickSchools

Online Training for Administrators and Teachers

As you know, we try really hard to make the software as easy-to-use and easy-to-learn as possible. In addition to our Live Chat support, we also have built-in video tutorials as well as online manuals. You can read more about it here.

If you need something formal for your administrators and your teachers, we can do that too. We offer one-hour online training sessions. You can read more about out training packs here:

QuickSchools Training Packs

For more information on our customization services, please contact our support personnel, either via email ( or chat. Prices for customizations and value-added services are subject to change from year to year. We look forward to discussing your requirements further with you.

For list of Professional Services, check out our Price List here.

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