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QuickSchools Fee Tracking

March 10, 2012

We have a few videos on youtube already, detailing how the Fee Tracking module works. I thought I’d summarize some of the key features of the Fee Tracking module here, and reference the videos that we have available on youtube:

Here’s a summary of the Fee Tracking capabilities:

  • You can keep track of Fees and Payments for each student, and the system will keep track of outstanding balances.
  • You can create Standard Charges that can be applied in bulk to all students, or to a sub-set of students (based on grade level and other criteria).
  • All Fee Tracking transactions are dated based on date of entry. The date of the transaction cannot be changed. You can however indicate the date in the transaction description.
  • The fee tracking module does not generate invoices or receipts. Instead, the Fee Tracking module can generate statements for each student, detailing an opening balance, transactions since the last statement, and an ending balance (like a credit card statement).
  • Transactions in the fee tracking module can be categorized for reporting purposes. So you could track “Tuition Fees” separately from “Administrative Fees” for example, if categorized accordingly.
  • All transactions and summary information can be exported to Excel for offline manipulation, or for import into an external program.
  • Statements that are generated are in PDF format, and can be printed or emailed to parents as attachments.
  • If you’d like the PDF statement to be formatted a certain way (to include payment instructions, for example), let us know, and we can customize that for you.

Here is a list of videos that we have:

As always, contact us if you have further questions about the Fee Tracking module. Let us know your feedback as well. We can’t improve the module effectively without feedback from all our schools.

UPDATE Nov 6, 2012

We’ve introduce Online Payments and Family Billing to the Fees Tracking Module. You can check it out here:

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