Google Classroom Troubleshooting Guide

Our Google Classroom integration has been quite popular since its introduction back in late 2019. It’s received quite a lot of support from the schools that have it installed, as well as internally from our tech support and engineering teams. In short, the integration allows schools to pull grades from Google Classroom over to Quickschools, where report cards and transcripts can then be generated.

The integration itself can be a great time saver, as it removes the need for double entry into two systems. Of course, as with any integration between two separate system, there’s going to be nuances that may create differences between the expected behavior and the actual behavior. For that reason, we created the following helpful troubleshooting guide:

The guide will cover the following scenarios you may run into:

  • Missing students and/or teachers when mapping
  • Missing courses when mapping
  • Missing grades for specific students
  • Missing grades for all students
  • Students not auto-enrolled after sync
  • Students appearing in the gradebook after being unenrolled in Google Classroom
  • Grades outside term start/end dates synced or missing

Please feel free to use the guide as a starting point as you navigate throughout our Google Classroom integration. And as always, please chat in with any questions, suggestions, and/or comments.

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