Apps for LMS Integration

QuickSchools has several apps that integrate to an external LMS. Although there are slight differences in the functionality for each app, the overall approach and style is very similar.

apps for the LSM integration

Gradebook Sync

The primary goal of the Integration App is to pull the latest Gradebook data from the external LMS into QuickSchools. This is essentially an import, and no changes are made to the external LMS during this process. However, the synchronization process also includes changes in enrollment. So if you add a student to a course and add grades for that student in the external LMS, or if you remove a student from a course, the integration will automatically enroll or unenroll the student accordingly, in order to match the local QuickSchools Gradebook with the external LMS.

gradebook sync

Key Characteristics

  • Data flows from External LMS to QuickSchools
  • Data must be mapped in order to synchronize
  • Students are automatically enrolled or unenrolled in QuickSchools, in order to match enrollment in external LMS

Export Roster

In the beginning of the school year, if you don’t have any data in the External LMS to map, you can export your data from QuickSchools. The export process will also automatically map the data as well.

export roster

Key characteristics

  • Export when the External LMS has no data
  • Export will also map the data
  • Export creates NEW records in the external system (it does not remove existing records)

Differences in Apps

There are slight differences in the capabilities of each external LMS that we integrate to. This is primarily due to the scope of the external LMS, or the capabilities of the available API.

Example differences:

  • The Google Classroom App does not support synchronization of Gradebook Categories and Final Grades, because the API does not support it.
  • The Google Classroom App does not yet support rostering. All data must be mapped for the Gradebook Synchronization to work.
  • Odysseyware and Ignitia are also Curriculum Management Systems, and do not require courses to be exported. Instead, courses are always mapped.
  • Automatic Unenrollment during Gradebook Sync is disabled for Google Classroom and Odysseyware / Ignitia

For a more detailed comparison between several of our more popular LMS integration apps, please check out the following support article:

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