New Release (Patch) – Oct 12, 2020

We’ve had a lot of usage with the Google Classroom Integration app that prompted an emergency patch that was deployed earlier this morning. We also included a quick fix to the Online Assignments app as well. Details of these improvements to QuickSchools are below: 

Google Classroom Enrollment Synchronization

The Google Classroom Integration regards Google Classroom as the source for student enrollment into courses. This means that if you enroll a mapped student into a mapped course in Google Classroom, the same student will automatically be enrolled into the same course in QuickSchools. However, for safety reasons, if you unenroll a student from a course in Google Classroom, the student will remain enrolled in the corresponding course in QuickSchools. 

This new patch now provides schools with more control over the enrollment synchronization behaviour. When installing / configuring the app, you now have two new options:

  • Option to disable automatic enrollment of students into courses
  • Option to enable automatic unenrollment of students into courses
New Google Classroom Integration options to control the enrollment synchronization
New Google Classroom Integration options to control the enrollment synchronization

These settings are optional. We typically expect courses to be linked one-to-one, but with the auto-enrollment enabled, it’s possible to have a single course in Google Classroom linked to multiple courses in QuickSchools (i.e. for combined courses). But on the flip side, whenever a new student is enrolled into a course, you’d now need to do it twice, once is Google Classroom, and again in QuickSchools.

Other Improvements / Bug Fixes

The following improvements were also made:

  • Comments in the QuickSchools Gradebook are no longer deleted when synchronizing with Google Classroom.
  • The API call to Google Classroom has been refined to only pull relevant data. This should make the synchronization slightly faster.
  • We fixed a bug that was limiting the amount of students grades that could be pulled for each course via Google Classroom, whenever a synchronization was performed.
  • We fixed a bug related to opening certain assignments when there are more than 10 assignments in the subject

Do let us know if there are any further suggestions for improvement. We look forward to your feedback.

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