New Release: Sprint E7

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Mobile App Framework (Coming Soon)
  • Odysseyware (Beta) Framework Improvements
  • Admissions Improvements (see below)
    • Inquiries now has Status view (similar to Applications)
    • Renamed “Show All” to “Show All Active
  • Change Color Scheme (see below)
  • Support for Staff (see below)
    • New setting to turn on “Staff” module
    • Events can now be shared with Staff
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Report Creator Date Filter for “is this week” (see below)
    • Subject Importer supports column for Semester Name
    • Parent Messaging Caller ID requires Credit
    • Submitted Online Forms bug for Student Portal
    • Master Scheduler “Copy Settings” button bug
    • Graduation Requirements bug on Student Tab

Admissions Improvements

In a previous Sprint E5, we introduced a new “Applications by Status” feature. We’ve now done the same for Inquiries:

Admission Inquiries by Status
Admission Inquiries by Status

Remember that you can lock the selected status by clicking on the Lock icon below the Search Box on the right.

We also took the liberty of renaming the “Show All” status to “Show All Active”, to make it clearer:

Admission Applications by Status
Admission Applications by Status

Color Scheme

Schools now have the ability to change the colors that appear in the account. You can do this from the “Settings” > “School Profile” page:

Color Scheme on School Settings
Color Scheme on School Settings

You can change the color of certain elements within your QuickSchools account:

Change Color Scheme for your School
Change Color Scheme for your School

We’ll be sharing more details about this feature in a future blog post. Stay tuned.

Staff Support

Previously a beta feature, we are now releasing support for Staff to all schools. You can turn it on via the “Settings” > “Turn Features On/Off” by configuring the “Teachers” module:

Turn on Staff Module
Turn on Staff Module

With this module enabled, you can allow specific users to access the new “Staff” sub-menu under the main “Teachers” menu:

New Staff menu under Teachers
New Staff menu under Teachers

And when editing a record, you can specify whether a user is a teacher or staff, or both. Note that the default access for teachers and staff are different. Teachers have access to students and classes, while staff typically have restricted access. This will be explored in more detail in a future post.

Staff and Teacher Roles
Staff and Teacher Roles

With the new staff module enabled, we’ll be rolling out the ability to include/exclude staff in certain modules. For example, in today’s release, when adding Events on the Teachers Lounge, you can now specify whether to include Staff as well:

Events now support new Staff role
Events now support new Staff role

In a future release, we’ll be incorporating the staff module in some of the following features:

  • Option to include Staff to Mass Messaging
  • Option to include / exclude Staff from the Teacher Directory
  • Ability to configure access for the Staff role under “Turn Features On / Off”

If there are specific areas you’d like Staff to have access to, please let us know via chat or email.

Report Creator Date Filter for “is this week”

In preparation for our upcoming School Dashboard, we now have a new filter option in the Report Creator for “is this week (Starting Sunday)”. This should allow for more dynamic reporting based on current weeks data:

Report Creator Filter for "Is This Week"
Report Creator Filter for “Is This Week”

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