Send Email from the Report Creator

Need to take action based on a report? Quickschools supports custom reporting that allows you to explore data within your account, and then send emails to parents, students and even teachers, based on the data being reported.

The Report Creator is a flexible reporting tool that allows you to extract data from the various modules that you use within QuickSchools. You can sort columns and filter the result set to fit your requirements. The end result, is a dynamic and fully customized view into relevant areas of your data. Learn more here.

Once you’re happy with a report, you can actually take action from that report. For example, you can generate a report that shows students with more than 3 tardies in the semester – then send email to the parents of these students within the Report Creator’s email mechanism.

The “Email” feature within the Report Creator has full Mail Merge functionality. This means that you can insert text into your email based on the columns being reported in your report. This makes for a very powerful tool, where you can send out notifications to virtually anybody (as long as the email address appears as a column for Mail Merge purposes), based on any scenario that you can generate a report for.

Some other examples of reports that can be useful as a notification:

  • Students with more than X disciplinary incidents
  • Students who were absent for more than X days
  • Parents with outstanding balances in the Fee Tracking module

For more information on sending emails from the Report Creator, see our support article here.

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