Online Form: Printing of Custom Forms

Typically, if you need to print submitted forms in the Online Form app, we recommend setting up your form packets using PDF files. This is because with PDF files, you have full control on how the document should look like. As a result, if you were using our Custom Fields function to create forms, you’d be stuck with using “Print Screen” to print completed forms. However, with the new Sprint D8 release, Quickschools now has a new print function for online forms with custom fields. You will see the ‘Print’ button by simply opening the submitted forms in View Submissions page.

By clicking Print, the browser print window will appear.

You can save the form on your computer as PDF or print it directly.Note: The options available in print settings are dependent on browser you are using.

The Bulk Print feature for Online Forms is currently only available for forms built using a PDF. For forms built using custom fields, we’ll likely include that in one of our future releases. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to chat in!

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