New Module-Based Custom Fields

QuickSchools is proud to announce our new framework, which has just been rolled out to the Teacher module. The new module boasts several improvements over the previous “Custom Fields” tab:

  • We now support Drop-Downs (in addition to regular Text Fields)
  • You can sort fields
  • You can add headers and regular text to organize
  • You can allow specific users to view and/or edit specific fields
  • You can very easily delete and restore fields as well

For right now, the new Custom Fields section is only available in the Teachers module, but we’ll be adding the same Custom Fields section to other modules, like Admissions, Students, and Discipline. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

The section should initially look like this:

Empty Custom Fields Area
Empty Custom Fields Area

Simply click on the “Add Custom Field” button to add a new field:

Adding a New Custom Field
Adding a New Custom Field

If you select a dropdown, you can specify the dropdown contents, but put each selection in its own line.

Adding a Custom Drop Down
Adding a Custom Drop Down

Once you save, it can look like something like this:

Completed Custom Fields
Completed Custom Fields

As an administrator, you can click on the field to rename them. Clicking on the “X” will delete the field. If you’re satisfied, you can remove this edit capability by locking the custom fields. Click on “Configure form” for the advanced options:

Advanced Options via "Configure Form"
Advanced Options via “Configure Form”

The configure button actually offers several features (as mentioned earlier). Just to reiterate:

  • You can sort fields by dragging the 4 dots on the left side.
  • You can change the field type and the drop-down options.
  • You can control who can view or edit specific fields by role or by specific user
  • You can delete fields as well. Deleted fields can also be restored at any time.
  • Finally, you can remove the edit capability for field names by locking the form. You can of course unlock it later if future changes are required.

And that’s it. Let us know what you think about this new feature, and if there’s a particular area where you’d like to see this new addition. We thank you for your feedback and support.

UPDATE May 14, 2013:

The new Custom Fields are now available in Admissions Inquiries. Enjoy!

UPDATE Feb 11, 2014:

Custom Fields now support date fields. Cool!

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