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Data Migration Services in QuickSchools

October 22, 2014

So you want to use QuickSchools, but you have all this data from another system. So how do you get all this data into QuickSchools?

It’s actually very easy to import Student and Teacher records via Excel, especially if you can already extract this data from your existing system into an Excel file. But we’re talking about historical data from modules such as Attendance, Gradebook, Fee Tracking, Discipline, etc. The best way to do these imports is via the QuickSchools API. And if you don’t have the technical know-how to do these imports, our engineers can perform the imports for you as a value-added service.

So here’s how it works:

Simply contact our support team (via chat or email), and indicate that you’d like to migrate your historical data from your existing system into your QuickSchools account. We’ll need the following info:

  • What system are you migrating from?
  • How much data do you want to migrate (number of students and years’ worth of data)?
  • Type of data you want to migrate (is it just grades, or does it include other modules like attendance, fees, discipline, etc.)
  • Are you able to export your data into Excel? If not, are you able to provide us access to your data so we can extract the information (this can be via API, or directly to the database)?
  • Do you have a proposed timeline for getting your QuickSchools account set up?

With this information, we’ll get back to you with an estimate, as well as a time line. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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