QuickSchools Reporting in HTML5

Since upgrading to HTML5 (from Flash) starting late last year, we haven’t really talked about the new interface for our Reporting feature. Although the module itself remains relatively the same in terms of functionality, I thought I’d provide some updated screenshots just the same.

The Reporting module is a great way of making offline back-ups of your data, since you can export your data from each module into an Excel file at any time. You can also view the tabular reports on screen for quick viewing. Here’s a sample report:

Sample QuickSchools Report
Sample QuickSchools Report

To access the report, you’ll need to go to the “Reports” menu. Typically, only school admins have this menu. For teachers and staff, if you don’t already have this menu, you’ll need to get access from your school admin.

Reports are grouped into modules. So for each module, there is a list of reports. The left column denotes the data being extracted, while the right column shows the various formats for the data to be displayed. In the example below, we actually have one “Disciplinary Incidents” report, but you can view it as “Disciplinary Incidents by Date”, or “Disciplinary Incidents by Reporter”, and so on:

Sample Report List by Module
Sample Report List by Module

When you run the report, you can define your own filters for the data set to be returned. But the format itself is fixed. If you want to reformat the data, you could try exporting it to Excel, and manipulating the format on Excel. Just click on the “Excel” link for the report format / variation, and select the filter values:

Setting Report Filters when Exporting to Excel
Setting Report Filters when Exporting to Excel

If there is a specific format that you’d like to see in the Reports menu, but that isn’t readily available, please feel free to reach out to our technical staff. We’d be happy to customize a new report for you. Custom reports will appear in its own group (called “Custom Reports”) under the “Reports” menu:

Listing of Custom Reports
Listing of Custom Reports

Here are some other example reports in the new HTML5 interface:

I also wanted to note that the Excel reports are not the only way for taking your own backups. You can also download your database in XML format. You can read about it here (although the screenshots again have not yet been updated). We encourage that you try it out on your QuickSchools account.

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