Customizing your Report Cards

We’re very proud of our Report Card module. It has been a labor of love for us at QuickSchools, as we sought to blend the complexities of what schools demand in terms of assessments, with something that’s simple and easy-to-use for teachers and parents alike. And thanks to your feedback, the module has been able to evolve (and continues to evolve) into what it is today.

But still, customizing report cards can be a complicated affair, depending on the specific needs of your school. And it has been a challenge for us to try to meet the varying needs of our customers. And so, we’re dedicating an entire section on our QuickSchools Blog just to showcase the report cards that we’ve been able to customize over the years. And we hope that schools can use these examples as they work on setting up or even improving their QuickSchools Report Cards.

All report cards customization will be categorized into the “Custom Report Cards” category, which is available here:

In addition, all custom report cards will be tagged based on use-case / scenario. We’ll start with just a few examples per scenario, but the list of sample report cards will grow over time.

Report Card Examples

Here is a list of report card use-cases / scenarios:

Public vs. Private Templates

When you go to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards”, you can click on “Select Template” to choose a public template for your report cards:

Select from a variety or Report Card Templates
Select from a variety or Report Card Templates

However, we do have additional private templates that do not appear on this list, simply because we do not want to clutter this list with too many options. Some of the templates featured on our blog are private templates, and will be indicated as such. And if you’re interested in using one of these private templates that we’ve showcased, just let our support staff know, and we can enable it for your account at no charge.

Paid Customizations

If you’re looking to build a completely new template from scratch, that doesn’t look anything like the report cards that we’ve showcase so far, we can actually build a custom template for you. Our templating engine for Report Cards is quite robust. Please see latest pricing below. Customizations include switches for you to control which sections / fields can be displayed. We’d be delighted to show you more via an Online Demo. So please come talk to us about your Report Card needs.

For list of Professional Services, check out our Price List here.

21 thoughts on “Customizing your Report Cards

  1. Your report card module is awesome,I love the flexibility of customization. I have an unusual request/question: is it possible to email report cards through the Quickschools messaging system? Rather than downloading and attaching PDFs report cards manually to individual emails, can Quickschools enable an email feature where we can select the students and the report cards are sent directly to the emails associated with the students?
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Thanks for your comment. Actually, when you publish the report cards, parents can immediately access the report card via the Parent Portal. You can then use the mass messaging feature to announce to parents that report cards are available via the parent portal. We highly encourage that parents regularly check the parent portal to track student progress as well as to catch up on latest announcements and messages from the school and from teachers.

      From an alert standpoint, we are building in this capability, which we hope to release later this year. Alerts will not only include report cards, but also other modules like when a student is absent, etc. Please check back with us again soon.

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