Our top 10 teaching tips for new teachers who are just beginning their career

teaching tips for new teachers

When the new school year starts after this summer break, young educators will be entering school to begin their new journey in the education world. While having to reel the trauma from being a teacher, especially during these trying times must be hard to process, it is only normal that new teachers may experience confusion and high levels of stress. Teachers bring creativity, channel high levels of energy, and bring light to the classroom. 

We hope that these teaching tips might be of some help to all new teachers around the globe.

1. Always be ready for a challenge

Just like everything else that is foreign or new in our lives, there’s so much uncertainty. Take both positive and negative feedback with an open heart and power through. It will definitely help you to grow.

2. Take one step at a time

Focus on one thing at a time and ask for feedback from colleagues. List down your strengths, create a goal and strategy to improve, and document your progress along the way. Most importantly, do not make comparisons to other new teachers or veteran teachers. You are your own being and will bring greatness from your uniqueness.

some tips for new teachers

3.Make time to get to know your students

Make time to talk and get to know your students. This is the fastest way to build a relationship with them. Building relationships with your students will set the tone for your classroom community and make it easier for classroom management and conflict resolution later on. You need trust and communication with and among your learners to keep things running smoothly. 

4. Stay caught up!

Beginning teachers face a flood of deadlines and due dates. Staying on top of it all can be a constant battle. Try to abide by the “touch it once” rule. If someone shows up at your door looking for a signature or requesting funds for a staff party, take that moment to complete the task. This rule works with grading assignments as well. Assign meaningful tasks to students and score them quickly. A mountain of papers is the last thing a teacher wants to see when the bell rings.

stay productive on your first day at school

5. It is more than okay to ask questions you do not know the answer to

Never be afraid to ask for help. You could not possibly ask enough questions. Just remember that it is perfectly fine to ask questions and that it is not a sign of weakness or incapability. It is better to ask for assistance than to pretend like you have it all together. Things are always easier when asking for advice first, than having to start from the beginning.

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6. Effectively incorporate technology into your lessons

It is important that children and youth are digitally literate, especially in this modern era and the ever-evolving tech world. Incorporating digital media in the classroom early enables children to access and become familiar with interactive smart learning tools. You can also learn more about the benefits of e-learning and digital tools that could possibly be beneficial for your lessons.  

7. Foster creativity in the classroom

Imagination and creativity are the traits that fuel the future. They enhance the learning experience by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, and promoting joy in students. Hence this is why teachers should integrate creativity into every part of learning from a young age. 

creativity in the classroom

8. Embrace the circumstances

Embrace circumstances rather than deny them. Recognizing students’ home situations and socioeconomic statuses validates those in need and promotes their success. This is where getting to know your students earlier on comes in handy. Treat your students equally and avoid favoritism in the classroom. It is crucial that teachers provide a safe environment for students, it is already a tough world out there and perhaps your compassion in the classroom is all the love your students have. 

9. Remember the joys of your profession

Teaching is a noble profession. It takes passion and it takes courage. Teachers do not only teach and provide knowledge in the classroom but teachers also inspire and motivate children and the youth to take important steps in life. 

love to teach

Dr. Curtis Cain, superintendent of Wentzville School District in Missouri and the 2022 AASA National Superintendent of the Year, offers similar advice for those starting out in the profession. “There is joy, and value, and dignity in this job. There’s pride in what we’re doing. And there really is a true appreciation from parents in terms of what educators do on a daily basis. Never lose sight of that.”

10. One of the most important teaching tip – Have a life outside of school

If all you care about is teaching and you are spending hours upon hours in the school, you are more likely to burn out. Just like everything else in our lives, it is essential that we set boundaries.  There are so many great ways to connect and learn from colleagues outside of school through social networks, but it doesn’t mean you have to fill every waking moment filling your head and heart with education-related activities. 

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If you had a tough or rough day in school, it’s ok. You’re doing great and you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Life happens and you move on. Moments of vulnerability are perfectly normal because teachers are human too. Plus, nobody has their life together all the time. Enjoy the process and communicate with your students every day. Students want to connect with people that are teachers, not teachers that happen to be people. 

We hope these tips would be beneficial to you and all the best in your future endeavors, teachers! If you would like to share your tips with fellow teachers, please feel free to leave a comment! We love hearing from you. 

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