7 new digital tools that can help the education industry today

digital tools like e-learning used for education

Technology has been making its way and changing our lives for the better. Especially in the teaching industry, education technology has been tremendously increasing. More innovations and enhanced developments are being introduced to us with every passing day. It is interesting to see what the new year has in store. 

Recently the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2022 showcased some new digital tools the education sector can use today. Technology helps the faculty and students in how they learn, especially in today’s world.

Here are some of the digital tools we thought you would definitely want to look into!

Digital Tools for E-Learning

1. Discovery Education

They help to serve as your daily learning platform. It’s one secure place you can rely on for timely, relevant content. They also offer useful tools and resources to engage students, track progress, and gain professional inspiration every day. A great platform to help to engage with your students. 

2. Kami

A digital classroom tool creating flexible and collaborative learning environments for millions. Help to transform all your static documents into an interactive experience ready for expression, analysis, or debate. This can also be done both online or offline.

3. Elmo

Document cameras are essential for every classroom, especially with the rise of online learning. Use an ELMO in any classroom, whether the subject is STEM, language arts, or even physical education. They also understand that every classroom is different and offer portable, wireless, and Android-powered options as well. These cameras are great for step-by-step tutorials, having a real show-and-tell, and even interacting with an augmented reality model of the solar system. The sky is the limit now!

4. Everfi

Everfi can help you to develop real-world skills in your students with these self-directed modules that save educators time planning, teaching, and grading. Courses are free for K-12 Educators to help empower your students with the tools and skills to drive and inspire lifelong success. 

Digital Tools for Virtual Reality

5. Nearpod

A single platform that can help educators have more understanding with their students. They offer teachers a platform to create interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities. Having everything under one platform allows teachers to not have an easier time planning their classes, but also save time trying to find the resources needed.

6. Zspace

Transform your science, math, and CTE programs with the power of AR and VR. It is not just any ordinary computer. Instead, it utilizes three sensory characteristics to create a natural and intuitive product. You will feel like you are Iron Man using his software. 

7. Avantis

The first educational virtual reality theme park. They also offer a VR system for schools and this software not only helps your students to explore the VR world but can be a safe interactive place to combat isolation and help to improve student well-being 

virtual reality for schools and education

We hope you had fun and gained insight from these interesting tools! 

Digital tools pave the way for an immersive learning experience for students. Incorporating effective use of digital tools in teaching helps teachers improve their lessons, increase student engagement in classrooms and assist in creating a more personalized teaching approach. If you are searching for ways to create a more enriched student learning experience as well as improve teaching efficiencies, these tools might do just the trick.

Let us know if there are some new, interesting digital tools that you have come across. We would love to learn more! 

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