New Release – Mar 8, 2023

Yesterday, we released improvements in several areas including the Payment Plan, Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart, Online Tests and Private Messaging:

Private Messaging now supports Searching messages by user, and Searching message contents

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Payment Plan

  • Show Stripe Connection screen when not connected to Stripe
  • New Notes section for Skipped payments
  • Only show Active Payment Plans by default
  • Advanced Filtering for Payment Plans
  • New email notifications for upcoming payments and expiring credit cards
  • Support for Report Creator

Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart

  • Parents can edit orders
  • Refactor how Subtotal and Total Cost are calculated and displayed
  • Improve re-processing of orders after cancellation
  • Additional Safeguards against duplicate orders
  • Bug Fix manual create order by admin with Mark-Up
  • Bug Fix rounding of orders with Mark-Up

Online Tests

  • Improve Teacher / Subject Selector
  • Improve screen for Adding new Online Test
  • Support Tags for Online Tests

Private Messaging (See above)

  • Search Inbox
  • Search Message Thread

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Barcode Support for Sign-In / Sign-Out App (see below)
  • Improve how teachers names are imported based on name format
  • Improve file size checking when attaching files to mass emails
  • Improve description for Online Payments via Admissions and Online Forms
  • Display module information from Online Payments
  • Improve SFTP Importer to handle student name formats and duplicate courses

Barcode Support for Sign-In / Sign-Out App

If you’re using the QuickSchools Student ID Card with generated barcode, you can now use it with the Sign-In / Sign-Out App:

/ Sign-Out App now support barcode scanning

This works like a manual sign-in / sign-out, where you will be asked to add Remarks:

When scanning barcode, user can add remarks

Do check out other modules that leverage the barcode scanner, like the Library App and the Temperature Check App.

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