New Release – Sept 20, 2021

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

View Teacher Availability for a Specific Course when reviewing Sections in Step 4

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Support Caseload Limit in Step 1: “Configure Teachers” (See below)
  • Bug Fix Weekly Schedule when “Days” is left blank in Step 1: “Configure Courses”
  • Ability to adjust target from Step 2: “Course Requests by Course”
  • Bug Fix calculation of Number of Sections in Step 2: “Course Requests by Course”
  • Show Teacher Availability in Step 4: “Schedule”
  • Display total when showing Breakdown by Department in Step 5: “Load Students”
  • Cosmetic improvements to Step 5: “Load Students”
  • Bulk Send Section PDF in Step 6
  • General refinements to the Weekly Schedule feature
  • Bug fix remove course requests when students are deleted in bulk

General Improvements

  • Ability to customize general PDF templates (Private Beta)
  • Ability to customize general email templates (Private Beta)
  • Improve Semester Activation function to include the following options (See below):
    • Do not copy subject
    • Copy subject without teachers
    • Copy subject without student enrollments
  • Migrate Subject Custom Fields when activating a new semester (See below)
  • Support Custom Fields when importing Subjects
  • Support Read-Only access to general Report Cards for non-administrators
  • Support multiple active Report Cards when submitting grades from Gradebook
  • Support separate First and Last name for Submitter in Online Forms (See below)
  • General Improvements and API Support for the Temperature App
  • Bug Fix Class Discussions dropdown filter for Semester
  • Bug Fix BCC when sending Email Templates from the Admissions module
  • Bug Fix “All Not-Yet-Taken” setting for Attendance Notification Dashboard (Private Beta)
  • Minor Bug Fix for Daily Period Zero Attendance
  • Server Security Updates

Some highlights below:

Teacher Caseload for Orchestra

We’ve implemented a new “Caseload” field in Step 2 for Teacher Configuration. When this value is set, the system will make sure the total number of students assigned across all sections is not exceeded when running Step 5:

New “Caseload” Limit for Teachers in Step 1: Teacher Configuration

Semester Activation Improvements

We’ve added new settings when activating a new semester within an Academic Year. When clicking on “Configure” under “New Semester Setup” > “View All Semesters”, you will now see a new section for “Copying Subjects”:

New options to Copy Subjecting when activating a New Semester

Also note that when subjects are copied forward, subject custom fields will now be included in the migration.

Separate First/Last Name for Online Form Submissions

When configuring your Form Packet within the Online Forms module, there is now a new setting under “Non-authenticated users”, where you can decide the format for applicants to submit their info:

Configure separate First and Last Name for Non-Authenticated Online Form Submitters

When this setting is set, submitters will need to save their first and last name separately:

Submitter can specific separate First and Last Names when creating a new Online Form submission

The list of submissions will then display the name of the Submitter in the desired format.

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