New Release – Feb 16, 2021

Happy February everyone! We’ve made several improvements to our Master Scheduler, as well as to the Live Stream and Online Forms modules. Look forward to more LMS-related improvements in upcoming releases.

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler

  • Support copy of Bell Schedule
  • Improve display of Step 4: Schedule
  • Improve how Department Constraints are displayed
  • Improve support for Course and Section Limits
  • General Improvements to the Block Section page
  • Save settings for Distribute vs. Randomize
  • Reporting on Min, Target and Max Size for Sections
  • Hide “Debug” function by default.
  • Fix course search function in Step 4: Schedule for large data sets
  • Fix installation errors related to missing column
  • Bug fix for Course Constraints
  • Bug fix when deleting students (orphaned course requests)
  • Bug fix for the “Student With Incomplete Schedule” Report

Live Stream

  • Remove and Auto-Generate Password when creating a Zoom conference
  • Rename “Conference” to “Live Stream”
  • Join URL is clickable when viewing a Live Stream
  • Improve Time Selection widget
  • General UI improvements

Online Forms

  • Support dynamic Send Email for Auto-Emails from Status Change in Online Forms
  • Option to disable “Download Forms” in Online Forms
  • Support option to copy previous submission (See below)
  • Improve Payment Options (See below)
  • Fix Installation / Upgrade Error
  • Fix “Download Forms” function affected by bad Form Packet name

Other General Improvements

  • Zapier Integration
  • Improve Time Selection widget for Assignments
  • Support Online Payments for Admissions (See below)
  • Report Creator Support for Interventions
  • Support Sorting and Renaming of student Documents (See below)
  • Bug fix for Attendance PDF
  • Bug fix when submitting Admissions Form when Residential Section is disabled

Copying Previous Online Forms Submission

Once an applicant submits an online form, there will be a button to “Start New Application”:

Start a new Application after completing a Submission

This option allows the system to reference the previously submitted data, so that when the applicant is filling in a particular form for the new application, there will be an option to “Copy from Previous Submission”:

Copy data from a Previous Submission

Clicking this button will pre-fill the current form with the previously submitted data. The user can then change the fields as necessary before saving / submitting.

Updating Online Forms Payment Options

We’ve updated the options when configuring payment options for Online Form submissions. You can now select whether an item is a “Single” or “Multi” item product”:

Updated Options for Online Payments in Online Forms

For single item products, users will not be able to change the quantity. Instead, depending on whether the product is mandatory (or optional), there will be a check box to include/exclude the item during submissions:

Improved Interface for Applicants when submitting forms with Payments

You can also enter negative amounts for discounts.

Payment Options for Admissions

We’ve made the Online Payment Options for Online Forms also available in the Admissions module. However this feature is only available on the Public Form (which is shared with parents via email):

New option to Collect Fees (via Online Payments) for Admissions Applications

The embedded form does not yet support Online Payments. We’ll prepare a more detailed description on how this works in a future article. Stay tuned.

Rename and Sorting Documents

The Documents tab on the student record in now sortable by Upload Date, Mailed Date, Comments and Physical Location. Just click on the header to sort:

New support to Sort uploaded Documents on the Student record

When viewing/editing a record, you can now change the name of the file as well:

New ability to rename uploaded files to the Documents tab on the Student record

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