Weekly Schedules via Alternate Bell Schedule

If you’re using the Master Scheduler in QuickSchools, the Alternate Bell Schedule can be used to reformat the main Bell Schedule into a weekly schedule. This includes displaying classes that meet at different times throughout the week. Here’s an example:

weekly bell schedule

In this example, Math, Science and English meet 3 times a week, while the remaining classes meet only twice a week. In order to produce a weekly schedule like this, you’ll need to configure a main Bell Schedule that contains all distinct periods, in this case 7 classes that meet twice a week (designated as “A” periods), and 3 classes that meet 3 times a week (designated as “B” periods):

learn about quickschools bell schedule

In this example, periods A1 thru A7 will meet twice a week, while periods B1 thru B3 will meet 3 times a week. We would then build Alternate Bell Schedules for each day of the week by selecting the relevant periods for each Alternate Bell Schedule. 

For more details on how to build a weekly schedule like this using the Alternative Bell Schedule, check out our support site article here:


The Master Scheduler is only available on our App Store by request. To try out the Master Scheduler, please contact our support staff to arrange a demo.

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