Scheduled Emails (Beta)

Last week we talked about our ability to send email via Report Creator. This on-demand feature is very helpful in allowing users to send emails to parents, students and even teachers, based on specific data in a report.

Taking this to another level – we are introducing a related feature called Scheduled Emails. It allows permitted users to create a report and send it at a later time. Still using Report Creator, you build your own report – then set the date and time that the report will be sent out to the specified recipients. The report can be sent once or repeatedly, depending on the schedule you set. For example, you can create an allergy report and send it as an attachment to your school nurse at a specific date.

Another example is to run a daily attendance report that contains those absent for the day, then send an email to the students’ parents – notifying them that their child is absent for the day.

Click here for more info on Absent email notification.

For more info on Scheduled Emails, please visit our Support Article: Scheduled Emails.


  • Report Creator must be installed to be able to use this feature. Report Creator is an app that can be installed via App Store.
  • This feature is still in beta; there may be changes on how this is made available to our customers in the future. Please contact chat support in order to have this feature turned on in your account.

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