New Release: Sprint E16

Here’s a list of the latest improvements for the New Release: Sprint E16 in QuickSchools:

  • Parent Messaging Improvements
    • Display Student Nickname when selecting Students from dropdown
    • Sending by subject now shows Subject Set Code (or Abbreviation)
  • Private Messaging Improvements
    • Display Student Nickname when selecting Students from dropdown
  • Axiom Integration App Improvements
    • Extracts will be zipped before transfer via SFTP
  • Gradebook Improvements
    • New Submit to Report Cards Function (Beta)
  • Mobile App Framework Improvement
    • Additional support for Gradebook API Calls
    • Fix Log-In Error for Teacher
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Typo in Google Classrooms module
    • Default Codeset for Interventions
    • Rename “Allocate” to “Apply” when referencing splitting of payment between siblings
    • Bug downloading attachments from Lesson Plans tab of Student record

Messaging Improvements

We’ve made some minor improvements to the Messaging module in this New Release: Sprint E16 (previously Parent Messaging) for larger schools that have multiple sections for a single course. When selecting a subject/course from the dropdown, we now display the Subject Abbreviation, so you can easily differentiate between sections with the same subject name:

New Release: Sprint E16
Subject Listing in Parent Messaging now includes the Subject Abbreviation / Code

Also, for schools that rely on the student’s nickname, the Student dropdown now includes the Nickname:

New Release: Sprint E16
Student Dropdown now includes the student’s Nickname in parentheses

Private Messaging Improvements

As with the Parent Messaging improvements, we’ve also included the students nickname in the dropdown for students:

New Release: Sprint E16
Student Dropdown in Private Messaging includes the Nickname in parentheses

Rename “Allocate” to “Apply”

Finally a quick mention about renaming the term “Allocate”, which will be used exclusively when referring to the financial process of allocating a payment to a charge/invoice. As such, when creating a payment/charge that applies to multiple students within a family, we’ll be using the “Apply” instead:

New Release: Sprint E16
Payment can be applied to multiple students within Family Billing

Note that if you’ve enabled payment allocation, this term remains.

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