25 MB File Size Limit for Uploads

The file size limit for attachments in Quickschools has been set uniformly to 25 MB as part of our latest improvements released April 13 2020. The 25 MB limit is in line with the current industry standard used specially by mailing services such as Gmail, Mailgun and Sendgrid whose services we use for our mailing servers.

In today’s climate, as more and more schools employ online tools to provide learning materials online, there is more demand for larger files to be shared with students. And schools may find themselves in situations where files are simply too large to be attached to an email, or uploaded into QuickSchools.

In such situations, we recommend using a file hosting / storing service that gives you the ability to generate shareable links. These links can then be shared in place of the large files, in an email, homework/assignment or class discussion.

Among the file hosting and storing services available online, the easiest and most commonly used are Dropbox and Google Drive. For instructions on how to create a public link using the aforementioned programs please visit the links below:

Share Files – Google Drive
Share Folders – Google Drive
Shareable Link – Dropbox

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support staff via email or chat.

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