New Release – April 13, 2020

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Fee Tracking / Online Payments Improvements:

  • Ability to Search for Online Payments
  • Update Transaction Fees when issuing Refunds via Stripe
  • Configure Sender Email address when Bulk Email Statement (See Below)
  • Send Email from Template (Details coming soon)

Other Featured Improvements

  • Online Forms Submission Importer – Private Beta (Details here)
  • Limit File Upload size to 25 MB
  • Display warning when upload takes too long
  • Gradebook ToolTip displays how formula is calculated (See Below)
  • Auto-LogOff based on Inactivity (See Below)

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Notification for Class Discussion scrolls the browser to the latest comment.
  • Improve Automatic enrolment of students into subjects based on homeroom
  • Improve concurrent access to Report Card Print In Order
  • Improve Master Schedule PDF support for Alternate Bell Schedules
  • Migrate to Next Semester now supports Semester Activation
  • Limit access to print report cards for regular teachers
  • Fix for Standard-Based Gradebook, where Standard does not have any Assessments
  • Fix Archival of old Homework attachments
  • Fix duplicate Announcements for new schools
  • General Improvements to Google Classroom Integration
  • Cosmetic improvements to Tracking Changes by Parents
  • Cosmetic improvements when emailing Report Cards to parents/students.

Sender Info when Emailing Statements

When using the “Email Latest Statement” feature, you can now specify the Send Name and Email:

Specify Sender Name and Email with Bulk Email Latest Statement

This feature will allow recipients to reply directly to your specified email address with questions about billing. 

Gradebook Tooltip

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a tooltip to the Gradebook formulas, which will display a summary breakdown of scores based on categories selected in the formula. In the example below, the formula contains 2 weight factors, one of which contains 2 categories:

Example Gradebook Formula with 2 Weight Factors

When you hover over the grade in the Gradebook, you will see the total marks tallied for each weight factor, as well as the total marks tallied for each category within each weight factor:

Gradebook Tooltip when hovering over a Formula or Final Grade

This should hopefully illustrate how calculations are being made.


We’ve enhanced our Auto-Logoff feature to check for inactivity. So if you leave your computer unattended beyond a certain time, you will be prompted to log in again:

Auto-Logoff will prompt user to Log In again

We’ll be posting separate articles on some of the other improvements mentioned here, in particular the Send Email from Template feature, as well as our new Online Forms Submission Importer, currently in Private Beta.

Due to the high demand from schools needing to implement Online Learning, we’ll be focusing the next several releases on improvements related to Learning Management (like Homework Submission, or Video Conferencing). If there are features you’d like to see in this regard, please let us know. We look forward to your feedback.

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