New Release – July 12, 2022

In today’s release, we continue to make security improvements, PLUS a mix of improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, Online Forms, Fee Tracking, and the Report Creator, just to name a few.

Master Scheduler now shows multi-period conflicts in Step 5
Master Scheduler now shows multi-period conflicts in Step 5

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Improve visibility for Conflicts in Step 5 (for Weekly Schedule)
  • Option to Hide/Remove Course Requests in Step 5
  • Fix Conflicts tab in Step 4

Security Improvements

  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) via Email (See below)
  • Option to reduce Login Email Alerts based in IP Address
  • Other Security Improvements

General (Functional) Improvements

  • Online Forms Option to charge fees by Grade Level (See above)
  • Option to require files for upload when inviting applicant in Admissions module
  • Improve support for ACH only in Student/Parent Portal
  • View Assignments from Student Portal when clicking “Show All”
  • Improve notifications for scheduled tasks

General Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix for missing features based on roles
  • Bug fix when scheduling Live Stream with repetition
  • Bug fix School Message Board on Student Portal

Beta Improvements / Fixes

  • Option to automatically hide Transcript grades from future semesters

2-Factor Authentication

In our effort to improve security, we are building support for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), starting with email. This feature can be turned on for the school under “Edit Overall Settings” (under “Settings” > “Turn Features On/Off”):

Enable 2-Factor Authentication under "Edit Overall Settings"
Enable 2-Factor Authentication under “Edit Overall Settings”

When this feature is enabled, once you’ve entered your username and password, QuickSchools will send a verification code to your email address. You will then be required to enter this verification code before you can successfully log in:

2-Factor Authentication after logging in
2-Factor Authentication after logging in

Some things to note about this new feature:

  • 2FA is disabled by default. A school admin will need to turn this on via “Edit Overall Settings”. Once enabled, all users for that school will have 2FA enabled.
  • If you are using a non-email username, and you do not have an email address on-file, 2FA will be disabled for your account.
  • Once you’ve entered your password, the verification code that is emailed to you will be valid for 10 minutes.
  • If you have not received the verification code, you can have it resent up to 3 times.
  • You have 3 attempts to enter the correct verification code, failing which you will be asked to log in again
  • After successful verification, you will not be asked for 2FA for 10 days, or if your password has been changed/reset.
  • 2FA is currently only available for web access (not for mobile).

We are still tweaking the parameters. So if you have ideas for improvement, please share them with us. In the meantime, here are some improvements we’re looking to include in the future:

  • Extend 2FA to mobile, starting with verification code via email
  • Add support to send verification code with text message
  • Improve how 2FA can be configured for individual users

Online Forms Charge by Grade Level

When collecting fees in the Online Forms module, there is now an option to specify the grade level for which the fee applies. Just specify the grade levels under “Limit Fee To”:

Set fees by grade level in Online Forms

This is particularly useful if you’re collecting Admissions or Re-Enrollment fees, and the fees are slightly different for high school compared to middle school and elementary school.

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