Online Form Reference Numbers Report

QuickSchools has just released a new Summary Report for the Online Forms App — Online Form Reference Numbers Report. This report is available for all users with access to the Online Forms Reports, and is ideal for schools that use Public Online Forms.

If you do not have access to the Online Forms Reports, you can enable this by going to App Store > My Apps tab, and click on “Configure” in the Online Forms app. In the configuration window, enter the user or role in the “Who can view Summary Reports” option and Save.

Online Forms Configure

Online Forms Configuration

Once this has been enabled, go to Reports, and search for “Online Form Reference Numbers”.

Online Forms Report

Here is what the report would look like:

Online Forms Reference Number Report

This report can be filtered by Online Form Packet, Student Name, and Submission. If you have suggestions for more reports, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Online Form Reports

Quickschools is now including several new Summary Reports for the Online Forms app:

  • Missing Online Forms
  • Online Form Submissions
  • Paid Online Form Submissions

Please note, you can still generate your own custom reports using the Report Creator app.

The Online Form app is often used for online student re-registration. During this process, administrators need visibility into students who have NOT submitted the re-registration forms, so they can follow up with students and/or parents before the due date. Administrators can also use the report to track existing entries, including students who have started but have not submitted their forms. The reports below provide these information:

  • Missing Online Forms – lists students who haven’t submitted the forms for a particular Form Packet.
  • Online Form Submissions – lists the students who have started and/or submitted forms for a particular Form Packet

The Online Forms app also allows schools to collect fees on submission, and the Paid Online Form Submissions report lists payment information for each submission.

To enable these reports, just go to MY APPS and click Configure in the Online Forms app. Enter the role or user who can access the reports.

Once enabled, users can go to the Reports tab to run the Online Form reports.

New Report: Fee Tracking Transactions by Category & Primary Payer

We’ve recently released a new report for Fee Tracking. It’s available to all users with access to fee tracking reports and is great for when your school uses both Category-based Fee Tracking and Family Billing.

If you’d like to find this report, you can do so by going to the Reports module and searching “Fee”. The new report will appear with your other fee tracking reports, and will look like the highlighted report below:


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How to Run Reports on Report Cards

Report Cards handle all sorts of averages and compilations of student date that aren’t reflected anywhere else (except for maybe Transcripts). As such, if you want to see information like semester or final averages, report card comments, GPA, or grades for subject specific criteria in a handy summary report, you’ll want to run one of our reports that give you information from your report cards. Here are some quick tips on best practices for keeping your report cards in shipshape for reporting and some tips on how to setup your report cards so you can run reports on them quickly and easily.

Here is the listing of the Report Card reports that come default with all QuickSchools accounts

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New Report – Current Student Progress

The QuickSchools folks are at it again! This time, we have created a brand new report that helps you see how all your students are doing in all their classes – all in one grand table! A number of schools have requested a student marksheet to show current final grades for students, without having to make report cards and then lock them (which sends the report cards to parents). So we put our heads together and wrote a brand new report that compiles the students’ grades by subject to allow you to see their current final grades. Here’s how you can find it…

1 – Go to the Reports Module

Reports menu
Reports menu

2- Search “progress” in the search bar

3- Click “View” to see the report

….and there you have it!

Of course, like all the QuickSchools reports, there are many ways you can use the new report. Here are a few ideas-

  • Search by Student – to see just the results for only one student. Great for middle of the year parent-teacher conferences or progress reports

  • Search by Teacher – this lets you see the grades for one teacher’s classes, if you are concerned if that teacher needs either a helping hand or a spotlight for their great work

  • Search by Subject – if you have several different classes of the same subject, this report lets you see how the students in the different classes are doing.

Hope this helps streamline the process of figuring out how your students are doing – without having to draw up report cards. This report lets you see students individually, if you search for details in the student’s name or classes, as well as globally, if you let the report run free of search terms. It’s a great way to draw up a marksheet and get a better sense of how your students are progressing.

If you have any questions about how to use this report, or how to use any other Quickschools report, or if you need a custom report to help with a specific question, please let us know. We’d love to help, and who knows, maybe your custom report will be just the thing that everyone needs! Feel free to chat in anytime.

Update! – Dec 4th, 2013

The new “Current Student Progress” Report has been a hit! In response to requests for additional ways to display the data, we’ve added three more sub-reports. Feel free to check them out!

As to a bit more information on how these new reports work…

  • Current Student Progress – Alternate. Marks & Grades – this sub report shows one row for each student, with their marks and grades as columns
  • Current Student Progress – Alternate. Marks Only – like the other alternate report, students are in rows and classes are in columns, but this one only shows marks (no letter grades)
  • Current Student Progress – Grouped by Course & Grade Level – this subreport is great if you want to see the average grade in a specific course, or for all the students in a specific grade level

Hope you enjoy the improvements! As always, we are thrilled to receive comments and feedback. Feel free to chat in if you have any questions or need any help!