QuickSchools Security

We wrote an article 3 years ago to address some of the concerns with using an online service like QuickSchools. Although many of the responses are still relevant, we wanted to expand a little bit on the section regarding our security features.

Our QuickSchools infrastructure has matured tremendously since we officially launched in 2009. We are now hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Virginia. This means that in addition to the cloud-based infrastructure that allows us to scale and meet the growing demand of our customer base, we also get to piggy back on many of the security features provided by AWS. This includes network, hardware, software and on premise security. We have some details here:  http://aws.amazon.com/security/Read More »

Why worry?

Users are always very concerned about software that is delivered over the internet. But here’s why we say, “Don’t worry”:

Is the software secure?

Yes, we employ standard SSL Encryption, which is what banks use for their online portals. All passwords are encrypted, even in the database. We consistently monitor for external attacks, and employ standard protocols for network and server protection.

Will my data be safe?

We use database replication to keep a real-time backup of all accounts. Each account is also backed up nightly to a separate location. You can read more about it here.

Who owns the data?

The data is owned by the respective schools. We have no right to the data. You can request that your data be deleted at anytime. Data from expired / cancelled accounts are also deleted automatically after 60 days.

Will my data be shared with others?

No, your data will absolutely not be shared with others. All software maintenance and support is done in house, so your data will not be accessed by third party vendors.

What if I want to leave?

There are no cancellation fees. You can cancel at any time. You can also download an XML backup of your data before ending your subscription.

Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract. You can start or end your subscription at any time. We do require payment every month to keep your account active.

Will you charge me more later?

We have held the same price since our official launch in 2009. And we have no plans, immediate or long-term, to change our pricing. This is our way of staying competitive in the market place.

Is this a stable company?

Our company was established in 2003. We originally built custom solutions for large supply chains, which allowed us to develop and test our own software platform using J2EE as our core technology. We branched into education in 2007, and officially launched QuickSchools in August 2009 after receiving VC funding earlier that year. Since launching QuickSchools, we’ve removed ourselves from the custom software development market and are focused completely on the smaller school market. We’re now expanding aggressively into North America.

Security of your credit card information

Since schools pay for the monthly QuickSchools.com subscription fee with a credit card, a natural question would be how safe it is to enter the credit-card number online.

Paying for goods and services online is very common these days, to the tune of more than USD130 billion in the US 2006. The technology for doing this safely and securely is very well defined.

QuickSchools.com uses RBS WorldPay as our credit card payment processor. They are part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the fifth biggest banking group in the world. When you enter your credit card details, you are actually entering those details with WorldPay. And WorldPay has worked hard over the years to build the most secure system that they possibly can.

QuickSchools.com doesn’t store your credit card information, and we can’t even see the full credit-card number. You’ll notice this when you enter your credit card information online. You’ll see that the browser bar will display the WorldPay address, which means you are entering your credit card securely with WorldPay.