Upcoming Webinars for March and April

March will be the first month where we’ll hold 2 webinars, one for Administrators and one for Teachers, as part of our Webinar Series. The QuickSchools webinar on Google Classroom Integration for Administrators was done last week, and we have an equivalent webinar for Teachers scheduled for next week. The webinar itself is almost full, so we’re super excited to see everyone there, and get some feedback on the feature as well.

Teachers can pull grades from Google Classroom

Next month, we’re aiming to do 2 more webinars. With the new school year coming up fast, our next webinar for administrators will be on the Admissions module which is included in all the subscription plans. More details to come soon. 

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We recently posted a short survey for administrators in QuickSchools in order to get a sense of how we’re doing, as well as to collect feedback on future improvements. The survey was simply to answer the question “How likely are you to recommend QuickSchools to a friend or colleague?”:

This type of survey is typically called a “Net Promoter Score” or NPS. And in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, companies strive for a score above 40. And it looks like we fared pretty well this time around:

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Sync Gradebook by Subject

We are introducing a new feature in the Google Classroom Integration app, that allows teachers to manage and pull grades from Google Classroom for their own subjects in QuickSchools. When enabled, teachers will see a new “Sync with Google Classroom” button in their Gradebook:

Clicking on the button will initiate a synchronization with Google Classroom. Some things to note about the Google Classroom Integration:

  • The school admin needs to install and configure the Google Classroom Integration app for the whole school (available in our App Store). If the setup is incomplete, an error message will appear.
  • When synchronizing the gradebook, the student enrollment may change, depending on how your school administrator configured the auto-enrollment feature.
  • Some elements from Google Classroom will not transfer over, namely the category, final grade and comments. So teachers can freely update this information in QuickSchools. This data will not be overwritten by subsequent synchronizations. 

NOTE FOR ADMINISTRATORS: The feature will require that the School Administrator configure the Google Classroom Integration app as follows:

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The Ontario Province Transcript Template

For schools in Ontario Canada, QuickSchools actually supports report cards and transcripts required by the province. We have a separate article that describes the Ontario Report Card Template that we posted several years ago. More information here:

The Ontario Province Report Card Template

For Transcripts in particular, we can produce a PDF document containing transcript information, that can be printed on the Transcript paper document (which contains the Ontario watermark):

Here’s an example of what the final Transcript can look like, once the PDF is printed on the watermarked Transcript document:

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School Days for Weekend Schools

If you run a Weekend School (or any school that doesn’t run the traditional 5-day Monday-thru-Friday schedule), you can use the “Edit Overall Settings” feature under “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off” to configure your School Days in QuickSchools:

As mentioned on the screen, this setting currently only applies to Lesson plans, Attendance, and the Lunch Ordering App. If you have a specific module that you’d like this feature to include, please do let us know:

School Days in Lesson Plans

Here’s an example screen from the “By Month” view of the Subject-Based Lesson Plans. Notice that it only shows the school days for Sunday and Saturday, as configured in the previous example:

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Webinars for March on Google Classroom Integration

Our Webinar Series continues next month on the topic of Google Classroom Integration. QuickSchools will be hosting 2 webinars, one for Administrators and one for Teachers. The webinar for Administrators will be held first, and is already available for sign up. Link is available when you’re logged into QuickSchools:

QuickSchools Webinar for Administrators on how to Integrate with Google Classroom

We will write up separate articles on what each webinar will cover. If you’re interested, please do sign up. We look forward to seeing you there!

New Release – Feb 16, 2021

Happy February everyone! We’ve made several improvements to our Master Scheduler, as well as to the Live Stream and Online Forms modules. Look forward to more LMS-related improvements in upcoming releases.

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler

  • Support copy of Bell Schedule
  • Improve display of Step 4: Schedule
  • Improve how Department Constraints are displayed
  • Improve support for Course and Section Limits
  • General Improvements to the Block Section page
  • Save settings for Distribute vs. Randomize
  • Reporting on Min, Target and Max Size for Sections
  • Hide “Debug” function by default.
  • Fix course search function in Step 4: Schedule for large data sets
  • Fix installation errors related to missing column
  • Bug fix for Course Constraints
  • Bug fix when deleting students (orphaned course requests)
  • Bug fix for the “Student With Incomplete Schedule” Report

Live Stream

  • Remove and Auto-Generate Password when creating a Zoom conference
  • Rename “Conference” to “Live Stream”
  • Join URL is clickable when viewing a Live Stream
  • Improve Time Selection widget
  • General UI improvements

Online Forms

  • Support dynamic Send Email for Auto-Emails from Status Change in Online Forms
  • Option to disable “Download Forms” in Online Forms
  • Support option to copy previous submission (See below)
  • Improve Payment Options (See below)
  • Fix Installation / Upgrade Error
  • Fix “Download Forms” function affected by bad Form Packet name

Other General Improvements

  • Zapier Integration
  • Improve Time Selection widget for Assignments
  • Support Online Payments for Admissions (See below)
  • Report Creator Support for Interventions
  • Support Sorting and Renaming of student Documents (See below)
  • Bug fix for Attendance PDF
  • Bug fix when submitting Admissions Form when Residential Section is disabled

Copying Previous Online Forms Submission

Once an applicant submits an online form, there will be a button to “Start New Application”:

Start a new Application after completing a Submission

This option allows the system to reference the previously submitted data, so that when the applicant is filling in a particular form for the new application, there will be an option to “Copy from Previous Submission”:

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