Historical Student Records

In QuickSchools you can readily access and view records for students who are actively enrolled at your site under the Students tab.

From this same screen you can also easily access historical records for students who have previously attended your school. Simply click on the tiny triangle in the search bar, check the box next to “Show students who have left” and “Show expelled students“, then the system will display previously enrolled students in your listing:

You can open the old record to access historical report cards, reports, etc. that are in the students file.

Adding Transfer/Historical Data to Transcripts

If you are a new subscriber with QuickSchools or if you have some new transfer students at your site, you may be looking for a way to add historical data to transcripts.

You can easily do this in the Transcripts module. Simply open a students transcript and click on the “Add Semester” button, the system will add a new entry for blank term:

Once you add in the blank term you can click in it to add a name, update the grade, program, course information, attendance, etc:

You can also achieve historical transcripts by importing historical data into your QuickSchools gradebook for past terms since gradebook information automatically transfers to both report cards and transcripts. We offer services to help with historical data migration if you would like to go this route please chat in for more information on this.

Subject-Based Lesson Plans App

In QuickSchools we have two different options when it comes to Lesson Plans tracking.

The newer version is our Subject-Based Lesson Plans app which allows you to create lesson plans that are directly linked to subjects. Our normal Lesson Plans under the Athena plan allows you to create Lesson Plan Sets, which can be applied to multiple subjects across different semesters.

To learn more about the differences to find out which is best for you, check out the table below:

Lesson Plan (Athena Plan)Subject-Based Lesson Plans (App)
You have to create a Lesson Plan Set first, and then apply it to a subject. You can re-apply the same lesson plan set to multiple subjects across different academic terms.You simply select a subject, and the Lesson Plan Set is already created. When you select a different subject, you get a different Lesson Plan Set.
When you move to a new academic term/year, you can re-use the same Lesson Plan Set, and apply it to the new subject.When you move to a new academic term/year, the old Lesson Plans are automatically archived, and you get a new (empty) Lesson Plan Set for the new term (similar to getting a new Gradebook for every term).
Lesson Plan Sets are always private, and are not shared with parents / students (EXCEPT when you post homework assignments to the Homework module)Lesson Plans can be shared with parents / students (just like Gradebook and Homework can be shared with parents and students)

New Sign-In/Out App Reports

The Sign-Out/In App is a popular app in the QuickSchools app store. Schools use this app to handle many different needs such as tracking when parents drop off and pick up their students, tracking what time students enter and leave after school programs and activities, etc.

We recently added a few new reports to this app to help see your data in different ways. Once the app is installed you will see the reports under the Summary Reports tab:

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Interventions App

We have just released the new Interventions app in the QuickSchools app store. This app allows you to track notes and files related to academic interventions for students:

You can also use this app to track notes or details on student information that may be specific to your school such as Immigration/VISA information, logging parent communications, etc.

When adding interventions you can track start/end dates, notes, attachments and intervention type:

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