New Sign-In/Out App Reports

The Sign-Out/In App is a popular app in the QuickSchools app store. Schools use this app to handle many different needs such as tracking when parents drop off and pick up their students, tracking what time students enter and leave after school programs and activities, etc.

We recently added a few new reports to this app to help see your data in different ways. Once the app is installed you will see the reports under the Summary Reports tab:

The Sign/-In/Out & Daily Attendance and Sign-In Time & Daily Attendance reports show students sign in/out data alongside daily attendance data:

This is useful for schools who want to see students that attended after school activities but did not attend class or to see students who were marked absent under daily attendance but actually just arrived late.

The Student Sign-In/Out Times by Date report is a simple report that displays students daily sign in and out times so that you can export them to excel and manipulate the data as needed:

If you have the app installed and do not see the reports you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the app to see the new report, please do not hesitate to chat in with any questions.

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