Advanced Discipline App

Quick announcement! We have released the new Advanced Discipline app in our QuickSchools App Store. This new app gives you the ability to track more details in your discipline reports, a few of the things you can do in the app are:

Track multiple students in a single incident
Track the date, time and location of the incident
Assign violations, interventions, consequences

Check out the table below to see the difference between the Original Discipline module and the new Advanced Discipline app:

Original Discipline ModuleAdvanced Discipline App
  • One Student Per Incident
  • Track Response and Action Taken
  • Track Demerits
  • Email Parents from the Incident
  • Attach Files and Track Custom Fields
  • View Incident in the Student Record
  • Track Incident Date, Time, Location, Reported By & Incident Details
  • Multiple Students per Incident
  • Assign Students Role In Incident
  • Track Violations, Consequences and Interventions for Offenders
  • Attach Files and Track Custom Fields
  • View/Edit Incident Report from Student record
  • Download PDF of Incidents from Student Record

For more information on this app please feel free to chat in with us or take a look at our support article: Advanced Discipline App

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