Support for Alternate Bell Schedules

The QuickSchools Master Scheduler app now supports rotating schedules via the Alternate Bell Schedule function. This can be used for rotating schedules, A/B day schedules, test days, etc. 

The alternate bell schedule is used to tell the system when certain periods are offered. You can move periods around, update the times, uncheck the boxes to remove the period, etc.

In the example below there are two bell schedules one for “A Day” and one for “B Day”:

8.1 Blog 1

Once the schedule is copied over you can show a daily schedule or show a schedule based on the bell schedule:

8.1 Blog 2

Custom Usernames

When inviting users to access QuickSchools, by default, an email address is required. We have a new Custom Username feature that is in Private Beta. This feature allows you to add usernames for Students & Parents instead of email address.

With this feature turned on you will see a “Username” button when you open a record:

1.25 blog 1

Clicking “Username” will allow you add/edit a username and password:

1.25 blog 2

A couple things to note about this feature:

  • Students and Parents will not need email addresses on file
  • Can be used for Teachers but they will still need to have an email address on file
  • School is responsible for handing out usernames/passwords
  • School responsible for resetting forgotten passwords

Please contact QuickSchools support if you’d like to try out this new feature.


New Labels for Sign In/Out App

Quick update for anyone using the Sign In/Sign Out app from the QuickSchools app store! We recently changed the labels for this app, so if you are using the parent sign in option you will now see “Parent Sign-In/Sign-Out” instead of Sign-In/Sign-Out. If you are using the student sign in function you will now see “Student Sign-In/Sign-Out” instead of Sign-In/Sign-Out.1.24 Blog.png

If you have not had a chance to check out this app you can try it now. Just head over to our App Store while logged into your QuickSchools account. This app gives you the option to have parents and/or students sign in/out each day.

See more in how it works here: Sign-In/Sign-Out App