Interested in an Online Demo?

We designed QuickSchools to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. With on-screen video tutorials, online manuals, and live chat, schools can easily jump in and try things out all on their own. We even offer a free trial with complete access to all of our features to get started.

However, if you prefer to see QuickSchools live in action, or if you have more complicated questions to ask, you can schedule an online demo with us. Demos typically last between 20-40 minutes. Here’s what our standard agenda includes:

  • School Details
    • Share basic information about your school. We’ll then tailor the live demo to fit your requirements.
  • Why Quickschools?
    • We’ll discuss what makes Quickschools different compared to other Student Information Systems.
  • Live Demo
    • We’ll demo some of our features! The features highlighted will be specific to your needs.
  • Pricing Information
    • Our pricing information is available here, which we will briefly review.
  • Q&A
    • Here’s where we’ll take on any questions you may have.

If you are interested, you can request a demo via chat, emailing us at, or by scheduling via the link below:

Schedule a Demo!

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