Connecting to Canvas

So for new schools connecting to Canvas for the first time from QuickSchools, Canvas has added a new security feature, where you have to authorize external systems for integration (via a Developer Key). Remember that the integration from QuickSchools to Canvas only works for the paid version of Canvas for schools (not the free version for teachers).

Enabling the Developer Key

In Canvas, go to “Admin” > “Developer Keys” and click on the “Inherited”:

Enable Developer Keys in Canvas to connect to QuickSchools

From there, scroll down and find the “QuickSchools” app. You may need to to click on “Show All Keys” at the bottom to view more apps:

Enable the Developer Key to QuickSchools in Canvas

Finally, just turn on the Developer Key.

Connecting in QuickSchools

Back in QuickSchools, once the app is installed and enabled from the App Store, go to the Canvas App and click on the “Connect to Canvas” button:

Connect to Canvas from QuickSchools

Finally, enter the URL for your Canvas Account:

Enter the URL of your Canvas Account when connecting from QuickSchools

If you are already logged into Canvas, the systems will connect automatically. Otherwise, the system will ask you to log into Canvas from QuickSchools. And that’s it. You should see the following screen:

Canvas Integration App in QuickSchools

For more information on how the integration works, check out the following links:

If you need help, please chat with us online.

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