New Release – May 6, 2020

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Google Classroom

  • Cosmetic Layout Improvements
  • Disable mapping of Grading Category
  • Support using Grading Category in QuickSchools Gradebook
  • Synchronize Assignments based on Assignment Date

Online Payments Improvements on Allocation Functionality

  • Ability to manually fix Allocation for Credit Card Fees
  • Fix Decimal Formatting

Featured Improvements

  • Dedicated screen for student to access Homework Assignments (Beta)
  • General Improvements and Bug Fixes to Bulk Email from Template

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Gradebook ToolTip temporarily removed for performance tuning
  • WYSIWYG Editor is now enabled by default for Email Messaging
  • Expand Support for Auto-Enrollment by Homeroom
  • Support for Section Attendance on the Student Attendance tab
  • Support personalized Announcements
  • Improve display of multiple Announcements
  • Improve Auto-Logoff Feature on Browser Refresh
  • Improve Attendance Calendar Support for deleted Attendance Codes
  • Improve Reporting on Student and Parents with Communications Enabled
  • Improve support when multiple schools initiate Email Messages at the same time
  • Fix Sorting of Formulas in Gradebook Templates
  • Fix installation error for Online Forms App
  • Expand API Resources for Mobile Apps

Google Classroom

We’ve had a lot of traction with our integration to Google Classroom, as more and more schools adopt the free Google Classroom system for online learning. In this latest iteration, we’ve introduced a new setting that will only synchronize assignments in Google Classroom based on the assignment date, as compared to the dates within the currently active academic term:

By default, the synchronization pulls ALL assignments from Google Classroom into QuickSchools. But if you have a single Google Classroom course for the whole year, and you have multiple academic terms in QuickSchools, this setting will help separate the Gradebook data being pulled.

Another reminder is that the Google Classroom API currently does not support Final Grade and Mark Categories. So these will need to be set up in QuickSchools. After pulling the grades from Google Classroom, teachers can freely change the grading categories for each column, and create formulas and final grade calculations. These will not be overwritten by the synchronization process. 

We’ll write more about the Google Classroom capability in a separate article to come.

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