Student Portal Reports

As more and more schools require students to log online to access homework assignments, schools will want to monitor students logging into their QuickSchools account. The following reports will help administrators monitor login activity for students accessing the Student Portal:

Student Portal Reports

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Student Portal Last Logins

This report shows when a student last logged into the Student Portal:

Student Portal Last Logins Report

This report, as well as all other reports listed, assumes that students are linked to a Grade Level and Homeroom.

Daily Student Portal Login

This report shows all students and when they logged into the Student Portal for a particular day:

Daily Student Portal Login Report

Students who did not log in that day will still appear on the report, but without a Login Date and IP Address. You can filter the report to only show students who have or have not logged in for the selected day.

Student Portal Login History

This report shows ALL login activity for students for a specific date range:

Student Portal Login History

The Login Date and Time are based on the time zone set up for your school. For performance reasons, you can only search for login history in the past 3 months.

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