Use Case: Term Grades

With the release of Sprint E21 in late November, the option to access previous term final grades in the gradebook was made available in QuickSchools. In case you are wondering the benefits of this new feature, here are a few use cases you can reference as an example:

Compare Current Grade with Previous Term

The previous final grade can simply be added in to compare with the student’s current final grade.

In the example above, we see that the current Q2 grade has fallen compared to Q1.
Term Grades Averages

With the previous final grade added to the gradebook, custom formulas can now be created to calculate the student’s current semester average (previously only accessible via report card calculations).

The “Semester Average” formula above is the average of Q1 and Q2.
Other Custom Calculations

Additional calculations can be created using other columns in the gradebook. In Sprint E15, we introduced admin columns, which are commonly used for Exam grade.

The Semester 1 final grade is calculated from 40% Q1, 40% Q2, and 20% Exam. Since the Exam and Q2 columns are added via admin columns, we are able to display these grades on the report cards.

If you have any questions on accessing previous final grades, or setting up custom calculations, please be sure to reach out to us via live chat or at

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