New Release: Sprint E15

Happy Labor Day to all our schools in North America. Due to the holiday, our scheduled release was delayed by a day.

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools, released earlier today:

  • Google Classroom Framework Improvements
  • Axiom Integration App Improvements
    • Allow Extract to run without SFTP credentials
    • SFTP supports specific directory
    • General UI Improvements
  • New Academic Interventions App (Coming Soon)
  • Gradebook Improvements (See below)
    • Rename “Default Column” to “Admin Column” in Gradebook
    • Bug fixes for Locked Formula in Gradebook
    • Error saving Gradebook Template (due to new Locked Formula)
    • Error copying Gradebook Grades (due to new Locked Formula)
  • Mobile App Framework Improvement
    • API support for getting parent data
    • API support for user profile data
    • API support for student profile picture
    • Bug fixes on logging in
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Allow multiple Attachments in Lesson Plans (See below)
    • Error exporting subjects to Schoology
    • Update Dropdown UI when editing subjects/courses for Student
    • Report Creator fix for Student Profile picture
    • API fix for Attendance Snapshot App
    • Option to Recalculate Fields in Transcripts

Gradebook Improvements

Last year, we introduced the ability to create columns in the Gradebook as an administrator, in order to facilitate the transfer of grades from the Gradebook to the Report Cards. At the time, we called these orange columns “Default Columns”. Due to the administrative nature of these columns, we’ve renamed them to “Admin Columns”:

Gradebook Admin Columns (previously Default Columns)

This section can be found under the “Grading Setup” menu:

Adding a Gradebook Admin Column from Grading Setup

We’ve also added some fixes to the “Lock Column” function that was introduced in the previous Sprint E14. So if you have the ability for “Who can enter grades for all the teachers” (when configuring access for “Gradebook / Report Cards”), you can now lock the Final Grade Column of any gradebook:

Final Grade Columns can now be Locked by an Administrator

Note: ONLY the Final Grade Column can be locked (not regular formulas)

When the Final Grade Column is locked, the teacher (presumably without admin privileges) will not be able to change the name or calculation within the formula. A Lock icon will appear, denoting that the column has been locked:

Locked Final Grade Columns cannot be Edited by Teachers

Lesson Plan Attachments

We’ve standardized the Attachments feature within the Lesson Plans, so that it’s consistent with the Homework module. This means that you can now attach multiple files to any Lesson plan, and post to the Homeworks module accordingly:

Lesson Plans now support Multiple Attachments (just like the Homework module)

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